Company Profile

AKTUVA ELEVATOR, which develops its activities in the elevator sector, is an expert organization that closely follows technological developments and applies them within its structure. By adding economic elements to the concepts of quality, technology, comfort and safety, it creates permanent solutions against the problems encountered in the transportation sector. AKTUVA ELEVATOR provides service to every region of Turkey in the production, sales and marketing of elevator motors, elevator doors, elevator cabins, control panels, buttons and all elevator spare parts.

To follow the technological developments closely and to produce elevator parts in accordance with the standards and to put them into service; It is among our aims to ensure customer satisfaction by offering the most cost-effective and highest quality products and services in the best conditions and on time in a competitive environment.

Our Mission

Being a leader in innovation and production, Believing in effective teamwork. To meet the expectations of our customers and to offer our services with high quality. To keep customer satisfaction at the maximum level and to gain new references.

Our Vision

In the services we provide, to follow the sector in the most accurate way and to work with professionals in process management, to provide our customers with the most perfect. To perpetuate the respect for honesty and business ethics. To keep service quality ahead of profit policies. To create differences by following innovations closely and to provide permanent advantages in the sector.

Our Quality Policy

As AKTUVA ELEVATOR, we continue our services in the local and international elevator sector with its constantly rising performance. Our factory and production park consists of modern machines. With a team of experts, we continue to manufacture elevator cabins, elevator doors, elevator panels, elevator buttons, with our ever-increasing growth trend.

Elevators are becoming indispensable elements of vertical construction and are one of the most important transportation vehicles of the modern age, facilitating our lives. Elevators, which are used by hundreds of people every day, naturally carry the risk of accidents from time to time due to their mechanical and electronic components. Here we are to minimize this risk and provide you with a quality service.

Continuing its activities with the principle of absolute customer satisfaction, AKTUVA ELEVATOR continues to work with confidence, advanced technology, high performance, reasonable prices and high standards in mass production, assembly, maintenance and modernization.